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Working Groups to Participate In

We are forming a number of new and independent working groups to direct our members’ volunteer efforts. We know y’all are eager to help. Here is a short list of the efforts we need help with. These teams will organize autonomously, in their own collaboration space on our private “social collaboration” platform, to coordinate with each other and to report back to the central committee. Your patience and participation are all welcome, as we set up new processes and new technology for decentralized coordination. 

Technology Development

Help us spin up and maintain our own private social collaboration cloud.

Chapter Events Planning

Coordinate venues, activities, speakers, etc… for our biennial county convention as well as other social, educational, and outreach events.

Libertarian Candidate Support

Vet and onboard potential candidates and help them with volunteer recruitment and other resources. Help them get the most from our Liberty Issue Groups, and our social collaboration tools. Get their promotional material into the hands of our Outreach and Communications teams for public distribution.

Liberty Issues & Activism

Help prioritize and coordinate our chapter’s top Liberty Issues. Assist in moderating the discussions in our Liberty Issue Groups and facilitating the actions that emerge from them. Provide guidance for group members to interact with the Central Committee, and get their solutions written into petitions and platforms for our liberty candidates.

Local Liberty Outreach

Participate in and help coordinate a decentralized team of local Liberty messengers, attending local events and/or walking door to door, with chapter materials and petitions to spread the Liberty message.

Online Liberty Communications

Coordinate and participate in friendly discussions on social media with local and non-local people about our local Liberty issues, our events, and our candidates. Write articles for our blog and press releases for the media.

Liberty Advocacy at Public Government Meetings

Participate in a decentralized team of Liberty representatives, attending city council and county board meetings just to witness and be a voice for our movement.