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Local Libertarians Are Inflation Proof

The Libertarian Party of Champaign County is organizing locally to strengthen communities and to push back on intervention (AKA: plundering) by the political industrial complex (AKA: big government and big business). Free markets work better when individuals and organizations cooperate and compete without (top down) regulation, rather than conglomerate and dominate via privileged access to law making, breaking, and enforcement. As free thinking liberty lovers in these inflationary times, is up to us individually to organize local networks of exchange to guarantee our safety and security. Achieving liberty for ourselves and our loved ones will not come by pointing fingers at the top and arguing with each other. Liberty will emerge as a result of voluntary interaction and coordinated efforts en mass, emerging from the local level. Join us. 

Meet us in person:

  • Monthly Chapter Meeting
    Thursday June 9, at the Fiesta Cafe in Champaign
    And every second Thursday, location TBD
    Meet new faces, Voice your good ideas, Discuss your hot topic issues …
  • Biennial County Convention & After Party
    July 26 2022, location TBD
    Come join us at our “every other year” county convention, where we will vote to elect committee persons for this Champaign County Libertarian Central Committee. Stay longer for the after party (AKA: “Caucus” for the politically correct) where we will meet and socialize under the influence of good times and good people.
  • Farmers Markets & Local Events
    Meet us downtown! If you would like to host a spot and meet local liberty lovers, then contact our Liberty Outreach team. We will set you up with vendor registration and table supplies to help get you plugged in.