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Liberty Issues for Champaign County

We are actively working on issues for our local party to get behind. With your participation, we can turn these into action items and liberty minded solutions to help drive petitions and candidate platforms. Our central committee is in the process of developing online discussion groups for cooperative party members, like yourself, to participate in. Here are some that are on our mind. If you’d like to see more…

Libertarian Party Ballot Access

Can you believe it? … third parties in Illinois are still required to petition for signatures just to get (any) candidate onto the government issued ballot. First, we need to mobilize signature gathering across the county … in addition we need to petition to get ALL parties equal access to voting ballots.

School Choice, Tax Credits, Home Schooling, etc…

Free to Choose? … For many of us, public school just sucks. But paying taxes for it and not having the money to pay for (let alone resources to conduct) an alternative education for the free mined leaders of our future sucks even more. Let’s talk about the problems and local solutions.

Gun Violence, Rights & Responsibilities

In a pinch? … Sometimes one chance is all you have to get it right. When it comes to guns, that one chance may be someone’s life. While gun ownership is a constitutional right, it is also one that burdens each of us with additional responsibility. Some are more willing than others to assume the weight of these responsibilities. How do we address gun violence without relinquishing our right to carry? Can public trust be repaired while the legal burden of gun ownership is reduced in Champaign county? Conversations are welcome.

Tax Burdens & Local Government Spending

Paying too much? … We all are. And where is this money going? (aside from the pockets of corrupt politicians, which is another issue) How can we make sure local tax dollars are spent locally? How can we reduce or eliminate overly burdensome taxes? What would a more voluntary (local) taxation structure look like? Let’s brainstorm solutions for a free tax future!

Systemic Corruption & Abuse of Office in Government

Wait, what? … Libertarians abhor pretty much all government and politics. But, what’s even worse is the corrupt politicians who steal public money and squander the trust that we ALL (like it or not) have put in their hands. Even if you trust no politician, at least some should stand out as being worse than others. The sleuth is on to clean up Champaign county!