As per its namesake, the Libertarian Party embodies the principles of libertarianism. Individual liberty is the core principle of libertarianism, wherein the autonomy of each person is respected so long as that person affords the same respect to every other individual. As the only viable alternative to the two major American political parties, the Libertarian Party strives to increase the freedom of each person through policies that promote individual equality and decrease governmental intervention into private affairs.

The CCLP prescribes to, agrees with, and is subsidiary to the platform of the national Libertarian Party.


The Champaign County Libertarian Party (CCLP) applies the principle of libertarianism to Champaign-Urbana politics toward the following ends:

  • Equalizing treatment of Champaign County residents in both criminal and civil matters regardless of individual status
  • Balancing, and subsequently reducing, local budget (and taxes) by eliminating wasteful spending via:
    • Modernizing county technical infrastructure
      Auditing and eliminating ineffectual programs
    • Maximizing the freedom of Champaign County residents
  • Promoting peace, tolerance, and prosperity of every resident
  • Decriminalizing (legalizing) marijuana (drug) use within Champaign County
  • Liberating non-violent criminal offenders
  • Reducing barriers for prosperity for new and existing businesses while respecting individuals’ liberties
  • Increasing transparency in the local political process

CCLP seeks to form coalitions with the Champaign County Democratic and Republican parties on these policy issues in the pursuit of creating a freer society.

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