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Brad Bielert taking on Carol Ammons for IL House of Representatives in District 103

Bielert for IL 103

After a long fight to get on the ballot this November, Brad Bielert is ready to take on Carol Ammons. The Champaign County Libertarian Party wholeheartedly endorse him for the position and stands ready to fight with him.

Brad was born and raised in Champaign and his family has lived here for 3 generations. As an auto mechanic, he has seen the difficulties facing the community: the lack of economic development, the over taxation, politicians treating people like serfs, and the abysmal social justice. He wants to change all that.

The fight to get on the ballot began with a petitioning. Marching door to door late into the evening to meet the signature requirement. It was no easy task after working long days under the hoods of cars, not to mention having to convince people to speak during a global pandemic.

Obtaining the required signatures, the victory was short lived, as opponents filed an objection to his signature counts. Objectors initially claimed there was a false address associated with one signature. When pressed on the fact that Brad obtained ~50% more signatures than the requirement, his adversaries changed tactics, attempting to argue that a pending case appealing a prior judicial reduction in signature granted to third parties in light of the pandemic invalidated the number.

On Friday August 21, the Illinois Board of Elections decided to reject the objection and ruled that Brad’s name be on the ballot this fall. He is the only opponent to Carol Ammons.

During an interview I asked him why he’s running.

“I want to see unity. People working together for the people. I don’t want to burden people with government control, but instill in them their right to individuality.”

Asked about his opponent he said:

“Unlike my opponent, I want to see legislation that represents all people. I want to give the people the freedom due to them while keeping them safe and out of harms way.”

He said that is why the four pillars of his campaign are:

  • Fair Maps
  • Lower Property Taxes
  • Making Springfield Work Again
  • Social Equality

Brad makes a strong case for libertarianism, and the Champaign County Libertarian Party to endorse him.

Please check out his website, follow him on Facebook, and donate to his campaign.