Our Mission

The purpose of the Champaign County Libertarian Central Committee is to promote, within Champaign County, the ideal specified in the Libertarian Party Statement of Principles by any means consistent with those principles.


  • educate the public about liberty and personal responsibility;
  • ensure that local government respects the rights of its citizens, is transparent and is accessible; and
  • support freedom-minded candidates, legislation and legislators
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Local Libertarians Are Inflation Proof

The Libertarian Party of Champaign County is organizing locally to strengthen communities and to push back on intervention (AKA: plundering) by the political industrial complex (AKA: big government and big business). Free markets work better when individuals and organizations cooperate and compete without (top down) regulation, rather than conglomerate and dominate via privileged access to … Continue reading Local Libertarians Are Inflation Proof

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